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I personally like more power for my main light then that. I have a self contained photogenic 2400 for my main and 1200 for my fill. You dont need that much power in all situations but I find that its a worth while investment for the flexibility you will then have.

I really enjoy the photogenic strobe lights. I would recomend them.

Well...The Photogenic name is very tempting to me. And, I wonder if the output between the two really does differ by 80ws.

Did you notice the Photogenics are not currently available? Can you wait a month or more is there's a snag?
I have found a couple more sources for the photogenics that are right around the same price. That is who I'm leaning towards. My wife likes the ABs because of the colors.:D
well i have two aleian bee 80-0 been using for only a month so will not sell you on how long they will last by no means but will say i have enjoyed the pics i have taken with them and also that i livew in tennessee where they come from i did not order them online i went to buy them myself and wow the experience i had there was amazing the ability to help me and what not was what sold me but again i like the fact they are close and i can get help from them real easy that is what the seeling factor was for me all that said...............
the lights seem to hold up very well and i move them a great deal i shoot with a nikon d70s and i am really enjoying the quality that i am getting from them hope this help sry for the run on sentance as i just get carried away
Thanks for the opinion.

I may have talked myself into the AB's. Just back and forth opinions on the lower wattage photogenics. Hard to find anything bad from the people actually using AB's.

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