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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
Yet again I can't decide if I like a picture or not, Any comments would be really helpfull!

How about testing different crops?
Like getting rid of the person who is swiftly running agains the frame of your picture? (Cropping it all out will not work, since you will want to keep intact the shadow of the person standing there with their back towards us... so part of the leg will stay in the picture... clone tool?)
The yellow of the guitar player against the blue is really nice. And so are the shadows of the interacting persons. Only the one on the right need not really be there...
I had thought about cloning the leg out and cropping but I have a few other shots without the person walking (no pointing though) and I felt it added to the dynamic a bit. I'll have a quick go with the cloning tonight and see what happens though. Thanks again for the feedback!
Sorry, I'm re-publishing my web site at the moment, should be back up in the next 20 minutes at the most with the crop and clone suggested by LaFoto ( I think it looks a lot better for it, thanks!)

Well I have made the changes, just uploaded the wrong file! I'll have to sort it out later today but for now I'm afraid you'll have to use your imagination!

**edited to comment on wrong image**
i do like it quite alot. The woman pointing at the man is a very strong image. it's a pity that other person is in the way. you might wnat to try messing around with the colours a bit. maybe tone them down :thumbup:
Thanks Daniel! The story behind the picture is that the two people standing around had just walked up to the busker and started chatting to eachother, then they started showing eachother a few picking styles on the guitar and this is as they were about to say their goodbyes. I seem to have a knack for making things look more contraversial than they really are!

I did have a play with the colours when I was postprocessing and I was very aware that it's over saturated but the image just looks flat and lifeless without it. I'd rather it was a bit more subtle but it's a bit beyond my photoshop means at the moment!

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