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Jul 7, 2010
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Chicago, IL
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I've had people express interest in ordering prints of random portfolio shots (landscapes, nature, etc..) I was wondering what advice or common practices you guys have about services to use regarding having this done..

Thanks ^.^
A popular online consumer lab is Mpix.com. They are located in southeast Kansas and are the consumer outlet of the largest professional photo lab in the US, Millers Professional Imaging.

Here is a link to their support page - How to prepare your images:

Mpix.com - Help

You also need to be aware of the different print size aspect ratios of the popular print sizes, and how image pixel dimensions (resolution) relate to print size based on the number of pixels-per-inch (ppi).
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Walgreens.com They actually do an amazing job. Just tested them out on a 20x30 hi res and couldn't be more pleased. Online uploading and ordering is easy, you get to proof how it will look before ordering, if it crops your photo try a different size, pick up next day at local Walgreens - pay online or pay at store / or ship to you. You can also have Walgreens ship directly to your customer. Excellent pricing.

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