out of date film (1988)

will turner

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Jan 4, 2005
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london blad!
so i was given some out of date kodachrome slide film, 4 36 exp packs all with processing included, dated 1988. they have been stored in the freezer, only taken out to be transfered to my freezer. so my question is will they still be usable being 18 years out of date or should i just stick with my in date film?
If they've been in the freezer since new, they're probably fine. I'm not sure if the processing would still be valid. Is it 25 or 64?

Unfortunately storing in the freezer doesn't stop exposure from radiation. The film won't age in the normal way, but it will still go bad. The slower the film, the less it will be affected. 64 is on the slow side, but 18 years is a long time. I guess you'll find out! ;)
I have in the last year shot a number of rolls of PKR-64 expired 9-91, they all came out perfectly. The film was frozen since new.


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