Out of focus images when fully zoomed OUT !


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Aug 12, 2013
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Hi all ... i am totally new to forums, in fact this is the 1st one i have joined ! ... but hoping SOMEONE can help me out there !

My question is ....
WHY when i take an image zoomed in are my images in focus ... and when totally zoomed out they are not ? working in a studio style environment, with 2 flash lights, camera settings are 1/125.. f8 .. ISO 200

tried 2 different lenses .. Canon lens and sigma lens .... same outcome ... i have been searching the internet, and my literature but to no avail. I thought at first it was camera shake, but close up images seem fine ( maybe not to your professional standards, but fine for me :lol: ) its just the pulled back ones that are off. Then i thought it was my new lens, so tried 2 different ones .... tried manual focus too, but don't think my eyes are as sharp as they used to be !

I know you guys are going to ask for an example .... :raisedbrow: ...one of the main reasons i haven't used a forum before

Would be very grateful for any help ... i am at my wits end i really am

thank you in advance (hopefully )
Welcome to the forum.

You can upload images directly to you posts, just click on the 'tree' button and click 'from computer' then choose a JPEG file.

It will be hard to diagnose, especially before we've seen the images...but I'm wondering if you are refocusing after you zoom, or maybe focusing, then zooming. Most lenses will need to be focused again, once they have been zoomed.

It will also help to know specific camera and lens models.
Welcome to the site.
Get your eyes checked, you might need glasses? I've heard of people finding out they needed glasses after they got a new camera and the photos were outta focus. Check your eyepiece calibration too ( - or + ) dial
Hi Big Mike ... thank you ... and thanks for your fast response !!!

yes I'm refocusing after zooming in ...

Camera is just a canon 550d .. canon kit lens - 18-55mm and a sigma f2.8 DC OS 17-55mm

excuse the grumpy son in the images... he is as fed up as me i'm afraid !

oh .. it says file too large with a red exclamation mark ?
re sized them but dont know whats happened to the quality :grumpy:

Oh, he's cute! So happy to be there.... :lol:

But - looks like you've got it figured out! If you are interested in getting some critique or feedback on these and other images, check out our Gallery section. (You won't get much in the Welcome section.) We have several Gallery forums, each with a distinct category - these shots would be great in People. There is Landscape, Macro...you get the idea.

I think you're ready to fly! Keep posting and have fun!
LOL... Great facial expressions captured here, he's so happy!
Oh I'm so so sorry... i didn't realise i had posted in the welcome section DUH lol

will check out the gallery today and have a scout about .. thank you all ... :hail:
Hello and welcome to the forum!

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