Out to Sea

How cute are these!?!
Looks like fun a fun day at sea.

These are just too sweet and what handsome little fellas ya got there.
thanks Jeff & n2photo! N2photo, it was a fun day... thanks for the nice comment!
The boat is in the water and it is not?
(Your sons' different eyes never fail to amaze me!)
Beautiful series. Just lovely. I wish I had been able (or willing) to take photos of this quality when my children were this little... but now it is too late :(, thankfully my sister took a number of good ones at the time (!) :D.
you certainly have become quite comfortable with your new camera. what a fun series with quality shots :thumbup:

thanks for capturing your day. i missed being there :hugs:
sure look like fun... i wanna play!.... oh, yea im 29....bummer.... i still would have played anyway :lol: ... wonderful series calliope, good colours and compositions :thumbup:
Their little faces in #6 ... PRICELESS!!! :lovey:

Calliopallie ... you da woman, girlie! Awesome shots from what looks to be an awesome day!
#1 & #5 are my favorites! I love seeing photos of the boys, makes me remember when my boys were that age. It seems like it was yesterday and here they are about to go off to school :( You really captured the spirit of their adventure :thumbsup:
you have really captured their sweet expressions...

your becoming a whiz at portrait shots .....the pics of your kids are so detailed and beautiful......

calliope your children are gorgeous....you and jonmikal have great genes together...
LOVE that series, and seeing the story unfold, complete with surprise ending.
Thanks Antarctican! They're so fun to photograph and their facial expressions crack me up! I just had to make it into a story! :lol:

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