Outdoor Daughter Portraits


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Oct 21, 2004
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Southwest Virginia
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I was playing around in the backyard with my daughter, who I never get tired of photographing and shot these. I'm still trying to find where the true "sweet spot" is with this 50mm lens. I think these are getting close to where I want to be. Unfortunately, I lopped off her foot :( so I'll try it again soon. Thoughts and/or critique appreciated.

Manual mode, iso200, f/3.5, 1/60

manual mode, iso 200, f/2.4, 1/45
i think the first one is really nice. Nice DOF in both

the colour seems to be a bit off in the second. maybe you could warm it up abit in PS?
what a CUTIE!! :) really like the first one,, I Guess thats just because its up and down and not side to side..
She's adorable! I love how striking her eyes are in the second. You might want to consider upping your shutter speed to a minimum of 1/60 to avoi blur from those fast little arms and legs :D
beautiful shots of a beautiful bub - #1 is my fave for it's 'richer' colours but both are gorgeous! loving the d.o.f xx
Thanks all, I appreciate the comments. Still trying to get used to this new lens. When you guys are trying out a new lens and trying to find it's best aperture for a sharp crisp focus, what method do you use? Just trial and error, or is there some method?
Great shots..........and bonus points for the quality drool action :wink:

Michael............who is not that cute while drooling

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