P & S Candids at a Wedding...VERY Amateur

Discussion in 'The Professional Gallery' started by tygersclaw, Sep 17, 2005.

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    First let me qualify these images in this post. These are all VERY amateur and I am the first to know it. They were all taken with a camera I had only about 3 weeks and hardly had a chance to use. As well, these pictures were taken with (what I found later to be) a very bad P&S digital camera in low light conditions. Let's face it, it was only $200. A Fujifilm A340. Very basic consumer grade.

    All I am looking for here is comments on the compostion...not the bad color...light etc.I know these pictures leave a lot to be desired however the bride wants copies of them for her album. And I am hesitant because I know they are poor.

    So...fire away...have some fun. I have a tough skin.




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    one thing that i notice is the angle of the middle shot. Its a shame there is a big blue fire escape door right in the middle of the picture. Did you explore the angles abit more or where you pretty restricted in where you could stand?

    I would also crop out the guy on the right of the same picture. He looks a bit drunk and spoils the shot.

    I know it might have been difficult to really fill the frame with these shots because of the balloons

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