Pages not always loading when using tabs in Opera


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May 1, 2008
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I surf using Opera and I use tabs a lot of the time - however when in TPF I have noticed that most times when I open a series of pages (or even just one) using a new tab the page will often not load up fully. The title bar will appear but nothing of the post will and the page will then just hang until I refresh. Also even if I refresh and then go to another tab the page will still often not load; I have to sit on the page in order for it to load up properly.

I don't encounter this on any other site but TPF and its been this way for a while now - its just that its really starting to bug me now ;)
I've seen this occasionally with Opera on other sites, but as of yet I haven't seen it on this site. I rely heavily on the right-click "Open in New Tab" menu option to keep the current thread list on one tab while diging into a particular thread in another.

I've run Opera as my default browser for over 6 years and it generally works very well. I currently run v9.64 on Windows XPsp3. What version are you runniing?
No major problems here in Opera 10.0 Alpha

Sometimes I get a hung-load and refresh, but it always pops right up after that. Also, Opera rules.
I do have that problem. This site always takes loads of resources and ages to load. I've put it down to the coding being bloated and the adverts laggy.

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