panaramic stitching software for PC??


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Jun 27, 2003
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i am in desperate need of a panaramic stitching software for a PC.. similar to Apple QuickTime VR for MAC ... do u know any good ones??
Mind sharing?

I took some pics in Sedona that were meant for creating a panoramic photo. Nothing special though.
my hubby bought a Canon 10D about a month ago and the software came with the package ... its called Canon PhotoStitch ... its great and easy to use, just 3 steps ... i learned it in 3 mins ... it cost about $15 from Canon ... heres the contact info that i found, they may have another one

Canon Canada Inc.
6390 Dixie Road
Mississauga, Ont L5T 1P7
Telephone 1-905-795-2042
fax# 1-905-795-2021
it also does quicktime vr (360°) ... its great!!! .... but i havent perfected my 360° skills yet, im working on it .. if i get something half-way decent, i'll post it

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