Panorama stiching software for Mac Os


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May 5, 2006
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Vancouver, Canada
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I have heard ICE by Microsoft is a really good program for stitching photos together to make a panorama. Is there an equivalent of ICE for Mac OS?
The latest version of Lightroom includes photo stitching, but I imagine you were shopping for the free variety... ;)
You have Photoshop CC but not Lightroom CC? They're only $10/month together...

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I just tried my first pano-stitch within Lightroom the other day. This was three shots stitched in to one (I probably could have gotten away with 2 shots but with people in the shot I didn't want to take any chances). This is also cropped in a bit after the merge.

Yes I have the Photoshop and I use Camera RAW.. but I may have to get the new Lightroom... any other software out there before I do that?

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