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Feb 1, 2006
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in the middle of north carolina
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paper negative show with antique camera on 3 1/4x 4 1/4 size paper
i like this one, the effect works great for the subject matter :thumbup:
It was made with the same camera as the bench. I have a couple of new cameras (new to me) coming but can't decide what to build. I have a couple of really nice pieces of wallensak glass 150 mm. Would make a nice 4x5 lens with a shutter I have coming in an old kodak trasher.

I just don't know though, I kinda want to build a 5x7 pin hole camera next. After you see the 'Yes I Can' camera I have ready you might think I should just give up building....

I know I almost cry everytime I look at it. It's at least one more day from completion. I know the mystery is killing you guys lol.
We have one Polaroid with the Wallensak lens - very nice glass, indeed. :thumbup: I'm trying to remember which one it is, since we haven't played with them in over a year. :blushing:
Gosh, I'm lame these days. It's the Rodenstock lens, not the Wallensak I'm remembering.

This is the old baby:

Rodenstock Ysarek 127mm/4 element f4.7 lens. Brad's run 4x5 sheet film through it a few times.

I'd hate to let you touch it, Charlie, you'd have it in pieces on the table within minutes, I'm sure. :lol:
yes the very retro 110 has the WALLY Lens the 110a and the 110b plain old retro have the rodenstock. I have had both but sold the rodenstock. I have the wally on a different camera. I got this glass in a victor lens and shutter. Nice glass though.
i have no idea whats up but this is my third attempt to replay.. Yes i had both the roid wallensak and the rodenstock... the rodenstock got a 120 back and sold the wallensak is on a 250 frame with a 120 rollfilm back.

yes good idea to keep me away from them.

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