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    Distressed overlays


    These distressed, textured overlays make fantastic paper or interesting effects over photos. Simply lay them over a color or gradient layer and
    experiment with the different blending modes for many unique possibilities

    Pastel texture paper


    This set contains five creased papers in soft pastel colors, each with a different texture or design. These papers are the perfect
    background for your summer photos. You can also overlay them over photos and experiment with different blending modes for
    different effects.​

    Floral accent overlays


    Set of mini overlays, dimensions 6 x 8 inches. These overlays have a new feature: progressive transparency, that means that you can see the flowers in full resolution and full opacity on the left side of the overlay but the right side of the overlay is almost totally transparent which allows you to clearly see your picture through it, obtaining one of a kind effects.


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