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Jan 17, 2006
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San Antonio, TX
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My first B&W night shot at Guadalupe River State Park. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

i find it hard to enjoy the picture because of the glare from the street lamp. It's a bit distracting
Since this is my first try, I took this picture without a flash using a Canon 28-200mm EF USM lens f/3.5, 1.6sec. At what setting should I have shot this picture to avoid the glare from the lamp?
Unimaxium said:
The best way to reduce flare is to get the light out of the shot, or use a lens that flares less. Using a smaller aperture might help as well.

okay thank you, i will try that
You can get the glare removed using photoshop ?
on the other hand Leo, i think that lens flare makes that shot.. i like it...
Th focus looks a bit soft, maybe try to sharpen it up a bit, I can go either way with the flare. It is pretty easy to take that out in photoshop though.
I like the shot. What you need is a lantern reflector. I have one on one of my two lanterns. It's beter for late at night it doesn't disturbe the neighbors as much. That way you could have lit the scene with the lantern still. But not have the bright light towards the camera or flare from it.

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