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Patrick's Day Girls

Taralyn Romero

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Oct 25, 2005
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I saw these girls out on the town for St. Patricks Day and asked if they would like to have their picture taken. I blacked out the background to hopefully give it a more "studio" effect.

look very happy :thumbup: good job, only criticism is the left girl's white top is burnt out
Nicely done, does kinda resemble studio work. I wish I had some pics of what I did St. Patricks day, cause right now its all a blur. :-(
Yah, St. Patricks day is a blur too.... trust me....

Duncanp- yah, I know..... wasn't sure how to fix that but I definitely did lose all the detail
Thank you cbay and photo_gal! Yah, I didn't know the girls but I do think they were really close as they posed so naturally.

I was trying to network by taking shots of people, emailing them the shots and including the website address for my photography business - so far, business is Slooooooow to say the least.....

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