Paul C Bluff White Lightning Ultra1200


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Feb 5, 2013
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Charleston, SC
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I want to get into studio strobe work. Checked Craigslist and found a man selling this strobe + an umbrella for $150. Its an old strobe. What would you think it's worth?
Ummm...I think $150 is just a bit too high for a CL price on that vintage of WL UNLESS it's in very,very nice condition, and the umbrella is a "good one", like say a Westcott or something. Maybe if it came with a 9- to 13-foot light stand. WL's were made to a pretty good degree of quality compared to Alien Bees. Now, if the umbrella is a "good" one, like say maybe a 60 inch semi-silvered reflecting umbrella, or even a 43 or 45 inch model, the price might be fair.

If it's a beat-up,dented, dinged up WL, with a dented reflector (the were very tinny, and dented easily), I would say $150 is too much. A cheap shoot-through umbrella is like $12 from China these days. If the umbrella is a shoot through and is 15-20 years old, it might be somewhat yellowish, which can be A-Okay for portraits actually; I OWN and will keep my old-yellowed shoot throughs for when I want a warmer light.
He said he would take $100. Better?
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