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    This was taken with my Olympus digital camera. Model X100, D540Z, C310Z. Shutter Speed 10/60 second. Focal Length 6mm, ISO Speed 100. Image Size is 43.7 kb. Resolution 500 x 379. Done with no flash. I didn't do anything to change it in Gimp cuz I liked it the way it was. The intent of the shot...well by just lookin at this I can literally smell them. Or maybe I just smell like them, though I didnt touch them. The point was form mostly. Fruits tend to look very exellent on camera. hehe. I remember one time in my photography class a few years ago I took a picture of a pepper and my teacher described it as "a sexxy pepper". So inanimate objects really can bring out a personality. To me, peaches say sophistication and class. What do you think?


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