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Jan 30, 2004
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Santa Barbara, CA
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I took a bunch of shots yesterday for a bid to get a job photographing pearls. Unfortunatly, the warm weather disappeared and Marge couldn't wear the dress she was planning. These are a couple of ones we both liked from the session. Let me know what you think :)


well i think they're fantastic.... but i know jack about portrait photog!.... i do know you got good light and the colours are nice and vivid tho, good job imo :thumbup:
Looks good to me, maybe the 2nd one could be a little closer.

I like that you have her looking out of frame in both, this is what you want for this type of shot (fashion)...making the shot about the clothes (jewelry) rather than about the model (glamour or portrait).
Great colors and lighting. I prefer the 1st shot because the think the clothing works better there. Plus it showcases both the necklace and the earings. Sounds like the weather put a change in plans for the outfits, but of the two I think the second looks a little too casual for pearls. It's great you have such a beautiful and willing model!
i don't know anything about fashion photog either, but i can say i like the first shot best. the shadow in the second is a little distracting, your rather beautiful model/wife isn't in as comfortable of a pose, and the pearls don't really jump out at you as they do in the first. that's just me being nitpicky which i can't seem to do at all in the first... :thumbup: nice work, as usual.
Thanks for your comments everyone. I realize the second one doesn't really highlight the pearls very well. I found that I couldn't just stick to closeup jewelry photography, and had to take some shots that I felt.
they are great portraits, but got to say; they don't sale the pearls as much as the others i've seen you posted on here.

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