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Oct 30, 2006
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My sister had gotten my dad CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4, CorelPainter X, Paint Shop Photo Pro, and CorelDesigner Technical Suite X4 for his birthday; and I wanted to get him a tablet since it would seemed like it would be easier for him to draw using a tablet rather than a mouse. Well the only one the I could afford had a 6x4 inch pad, and I was concerned that it was too small so I bought one for myself to give it a try before I sent one to my dad. I love it. It has replaced my mouse for everything. I even bring it to work and use it at work instead of a mouse. It took a little time to get used to, but once I did, it made things so much easier for my photo editing. What are your thoughts? Any out there that use a tablet?
A tablet is far and away, the way to go for photo editing.

I'm in Engineering & Design, so I use a mouse most of the day and I still use a mouse for most stuff at home as well. But when I'm actually editing images, my tablet is fantastic to use.
I've used wacoms since the mid 90's, back when their size took up a whole desk... heh, heh. Now I use a 6x8 Intous. I use the tablet along with my mouse. There are some things that are easier to do with the mouse and others that are easier with the tablet, but for photo editing, I think a tablet is almost a necessity.
I too agree that a pen tablet is far superior to using a mouse. The only thing a like a mouse for is when I am setting guide lines in PS. I also feel that less is more when it comes to the pad. I thought that I would want a larger pad to be more flexible but got a 6x8. I can tell you that after a full day of moving my arm back and forth I am happy with the smaller pad.
i saw one of those at an Epson Printing Academy. If you mean the ones you can see exactly what the montior sees.
very cool and much easier to use

but very expensive.
I would prefer a display tablet, but at over 2 grand it will be a while before I get one of those.
The first one I linked to, was only $999. (my birthday is in July ;))
mike which one was that, the 999 one. the only one i have seen is 2000 ugh
the tablets are GREAT...i LOVE mine and use it for photo editing all the time.

the display tablets are cool too...i dont have one but played with one at Siggraph when it was in boston a few years ago. they are pretty sweet, but in all honesty...i think i would prefer a big tablet, as im so used to looking at the monitor all the time. Though i may be convinced otherwise if someone wants to send me one. :D
thanks mike, very tempting ;)

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