PENN camera Going out of Business???????????????????????????????


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Nov 25, 2011
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Lakewood Ranch, FL
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In Maryland, It's either Penn or Ritz. Now WHAT!!!!
Yeah... it's a shame! The Ritz where I used to go already closed (YEARS! ago).

Guess B&H will be getting more business from me.

BTW- there's a message on their site: Penn Camera
We're down to one real storefront in Tampa. I mostly shop BHPhoto but I go in there sometimes with a little business just to support it.
Now WHAT!!!!

Now shop on the web like everyone else... Customer service from hell for prices that are barely any better.

Although I never spent much time there (my two favorite shops were in VA) Penn was a big part of the DC photo world and so, yes, it is sad.

But then again, what is the loss of Penn compared to the loss of Kodak?
In Maryland, It's either Penn or Ritz. Now WHAT!!!!

I live in the DC burbs and work in DC. Not far from a Penn Camera. Do they have any GooBiz deals?
I used to love Ritz a few years ago. Like any other business these days the online world has taken over. A shame indeed but a necessity I know
I am guilty of giving 10's of thousands of dollars to B&H and Adorama over the years, but we as customers have to do whats best for us.
The big Ritz in Laurel/Beltsville is now more of a super dooper photo lab than it is a camera headquarters.

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