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Aug 21, 2003
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I take a great deal of interest in the Pentasix 66, a Kiev 60 improving of Richard Wiese's assembly shop in Hamburg (Germany).
Who is able to confirm me the reliability or the unreliability of this equipment?
Thank you.
Pierre (France)
I have not read any review of Richard Wiese’s Shop in Hamburg about his reworking of Kiev cameras

About 4 years ago read a few reviews for US magazines (Shutterbug and Popular Photography, etc) that recommend KievUSA

The magazines did not recommend any European shops

All the reviews clearly stated that the reliability for the factory before any reworking /upgrading is very poor. And after rework fair to good.

I would not buy a Kiev camera that has not been reworked/upgrading.
And get a good guarantee

Jeff Jarboe

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