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Jun 2, 2003
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Lake City Mn.
I have quite a few good lenses for a K-mount Pentax and one dead ME Super. Can any one tell me the new model of Pentax that would be comparable to an ME or a K1000. Any help would be appreciated.

You will have to buy another manual camera for your lenses. Check They are reliable retailers for used gear. They have the same cameras that you have and more. Your lenses will not fit on the new Pentax cameras.

I may have misinformed you. Go to the Pentax website and check out the new ZXM camera. It is a manual focus camera. Sorry.

The Pentax K-mount is one of the most versatile out there. For your manual lenses you can use a K-1000, K, K2, LX, MV, MG, KX, KM, ME, MEII, P-3, P-5, P-30, ME Super, Super Program, Program Plus, MX, MV-1 and many other bodies. I think you can use it on most autofocus bodies as well. Ricoh made bodies that use the Pentax lenses, but they are not very good in my opinion. Not very strong and not very serviceable plastic parts. The K 1000 is my personal favorite and it is not hard to find. I just sold one this morning for about $100.

I recently purchased a Pentax MZ-6 and it's great. It's fully automatic, but I still do everything manually. Everything I could do with my k1000 I can do with the MZ-6 and then some. I'm fond of the easy automatic bracketing and multiple exposure options.
Oh..and all my lenses I had with my K1000 I can still use with the MZ-6. All I have to do is swith the camera to the manual settings.
I paid $469 CN for the MZ-6. So far I really like it. Just to let you know though I'm pretty sure that the MZ-6 goes by another name in the US just incase you can't find it. I think it's the same model as the ZX-L.

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