Pentax *ist?


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Mar 15, 2005
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I don't currently own an AF SLR. I shoot all of my 35mm with an ME Super, and am looking to pick up something autofocus. If I were just starting out, I would go Nikon, but I already have a very nice set of k-mount lenses, and so I was hoping to go Pentax. The *ist looks like a pretty good camera, and the price is right as well. Does anyone have any experience with these?
There are a few *istD users around here... Anyone?

I'm contemplating the same thing, since I have a bunch of Pentax AF lenses.
I don't think the *ist 35mm is still in production so you should be able to cop one fairly inexpensively. Pop Photo did a review a while back, Herb Keppler seemed to like it.

If you're talking digital I'd hold off until Photokina in the Fall to see what the new models look like.

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