Penumbral Lunar Eclipse


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Oct 23, 2004
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New Jersey

Wow. Cool photo and supercool new word for me! "Penumbral", good addition. I like all of it: that it happened (when did it happen, when did I miss this?), how you photographed it, and what it is called in English :D. Thank you! :D
can you tell me the settings you used for this pic? I been trying for weeks to get moon photos to come out and no luck. even used the shaytech moon calculator.
# Shutter Speed: 1/125 second
# F Number: F/11.0
# Focal Length: 300 mm
# ISO Speed: 100

With PS, I had to adjust the levels a bit, and added contrast to it. That's pretty much it. I waited for when the moon is the largest in our skies, which seems like it's around 60* above the horizon. As for the science behind it, I honestly can't tell you much because I have no clue. From what I know, in a penumbral eclipse, only a slight shadow is cast onto the moon (as you can see on the right side). It was very difficult to notice with the human eye in America, but I read that in certain parts of Europe and Asia, it was much more pronounced. Nevertheless, it was there, and by adding contrast to the photo, you can see it more clearly.

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