People enter in the cathedral of Ávila.


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Oct 12, 2005
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Castellón (Spain)
I hope that you know to pardon my photographic experiment. Greetings from Spain.



I would like to see a little more detail...but I still find them very interesting. I think they work well together as a series or project.
The first one looks like a painting... that I would buy for sure. :D

The white space, with the silhouettes, its just appealing to me.

The other two, not so much. To me, I see a bit too much detail.

Great job ozzono, great job.
I like blown out photographs. Really like them. With a purpose. What do these shots mean to you? And why do you portray things in this particular fashion? Very important questions........If the viewer can't tell, even with some ponderance of the images and their meaning, then you need to re-think your message or your conveyance of it.
Thanks for your commentaries.
As our companion says woodsac on the series of photographies, it is truth. I normally work much in this aspect, making film strips, in which all has common elements or same a thematic one. In reference to the commentary of Crawdaddio, I have to say, that I have made this series of photographies conscientiously, leaving a longer time of exhibition of the habitual thing, so that the light is very strong, and the personages appear confused. I leave like main element of the image the door, to give a thematic unit. And the personages in movement, and that door, creates a somewhat amazing and even cold and impersonal aspect. My intention with this work has from the beginning been very clear, but I have been my doubts to present this work. Greetings from Spain.
it looks awful for me..LOL..

but i like it if it is more darker..

great shot anyhow.

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