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    How do you do your proofs for you clients?

    Do you give them a CD?

    Is there somewhere that you post them online?

    Do you give them a proof book?

    I am just starting out and so far have only used my flickr for showing the pictures to clients. But if I am giving the client a physical version of the photos, I don't want them to want to print or copy them... so I will probably put my watermark smack dab in the middle of the people's faces in the picture...


    Long story short, I'm just looking for suggestions on how to do proofs for clients :) I have my first few "serious" sessions coming up with a couple friends' families in the next month or so and I need to make sure I'm prepared :)

    Thank you!

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    Soft proofs. Almost always in an online gallery. Also, their first exposure to the proof is done with a visit and a laptop.

    Only if they purchase one. This is my most expensive single option for a session. A web-res version is a more affordable investment, but the full-size CD comes with permissions to print up to certain sizes.

    Currently I use Zenfolio after the initial sale for them to buy additional copies. For a first viewing and hosted, I use a flash export from Lightroom.

    I would if they ask for them. I've offered. No real takers. I have done final image books, though.

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