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Aug 2, 2005
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California, USA
I kinda...volunteered to be someone's model recently :shock: Can anyone give me ideas of what to expect in a typical nude shoot? Do you guys at least try to be quick about things? Should I expect lots of coaching on how to position myself? Or is it more free reign? :er:

I'd love to hear how you guys shoot nudes so I know if I should start considering backing out or not!:p
I shot nudes twice in college. The subjects were used to posing for art students. They threw down some classic poses. We lit them and called it good. Sort of uncomfortable for us.

I would say that is going to take a lot of time. Human form is beautiful. Capturing that is a whole other story. Do not be shy. Go into it with a beautiful attitude. Hopefully the photographer will have a clear vision. Your instincts will tell you if it is time to run, so I would not worry about that too much.
Woman or not if you don't "know" them I would still suggest not going alone, where is it going to be, are there going to be "other people" is it at her home or a studio? has she done alot of Nudes?

Really in this day and age its better to be a bit on guard than not. as far as pose goes what did you volunteer to do? Since you sound as though you are already rethinking your willingness to do it you might want to discuss with her what she will be expecting or wanting you to do. What sort of shots will they be for? some sort of ads? nature? human form? provocative? Its all basicly what you are willing to do and NOT do that needs to be considered before you jump right in.
It is for a project in her college photography course. The actual shoot will take place in the studio on campus, there might be one assitant and she's never done nudes before.

As far as posing, the only restriction I've really put on her is that I don't want my full face in the shots. She's really talking more about showing curves and lines on the body than things of a risque nature.

Ya'll have sure got me thinkin' :scratch: :roll:
I've shot a few, if she's never shot a nude she's unlikely to be really quick about it. She'll probably want to experiment a fair bit with the shot, how to pose you, and how to light you.

If you have the opportunity try to talk it through with her first, see if she can show you some ideas of how she'll want to pose you.

If she's under professional instruction for art or photography she should have at least some idea of the poses etc she wants.

Some other things to think of;

- Keep your robe close by.

- Get a copy of the release you're signing well beforehand (hopefully you are signing one as it protects you as well as her), specifically you may want something that can limit where and how the images can be used.

- Regardless of what you think you've agreed to do, if you feel uncomfortable pause the shoot and say so. If it doesn't get fixed, stop.

- Most people get fairly comfortable with being nude whilst the camera's clicking, but quickly uncomfortable when it's not. That's why you put the robe on while the lights are being changed etc.

- From your post this sounds on the level, that being so it's not about you being nude, it's about the body, that's it.

- Some people have different idea's of nude, many shots are about the curve of the breast, the back, the bum etc. That doesn't mean all of them are, many good photographs (imho) have been taken very close up to bits that often don't get close inspection, a nipple for example or... well, I'm sure you get the idea. Again, talking through the shoot over coffee before hand, and seeing some of the photo's that inspire her will help here.

If you're happy with how everything goes then, relax, enjoy yourself and make sure she makes you a couple prints of the shots you like.

Good Luck.
If this lady is doing this for a class, she'll likely have a few poses that were suggested to her. You can make it a bit easier if you find a couple of ideas (magazines or internet) that you like as well. You might end up with a shot that you like and you'll be letting her know that you're (somewhat) comfortable posing. Remember that some of the best looking poses are the most uncomfortable and Azuth is correct. The more you go, the more comfortable you'll feel. I've posed and noticed that even with a male assistant in the room, I quickly got comfortable because they were truly professional.

When I shoot nudes (or partial nudes), I conduct myself in a friendly but professional manner but joke a bit while we're doing makeup and always offer them a drink (water, soda, wine, etc) and a small snack. By the time it's time for them to remove the robe, they are well on their way to being comfortable. I rushed through my first nude shoot because I think I was as nervous as she was. Take a deep breath and relax. It'll show in the photos.

BTW - I usually tell people that I shoot not to wear underwear, socks or a bra before a shoot because they leave pressure marks that take a while to fade. Remove those items an hour or two before the shoot to be safe and make sure you're well hydrated. That will help your skin bounce back quicker.

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