Permission to photograph a horse???

Next making a rukkus will be the guy who built the fence. Then Addidas.

The father should donate the trip to the horse's owner, and tell her "Enjoy the trip. Remember it was MY photo that allowed you to take your holiday, and remember us while you are on vacation. Perhaps you will reflect on your selfish attitude and come back a different person."
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If it was my horse, my first thought would have been: horses teeth need some photoshopping!
Horsey Denture commercial In the makes.
Does Obama care cover horse dentists :biggrin:
$#&@%bag horse owner. wow.
people can be so petty and selfish.
and they moved the horse!
This is ridiculous. By the thinking of the horse's owner, if there is anything in any picture that belong to someone else, you would have to get consent, lawns, houses, trees ect. They were on public property, the horses' owner is an idiot.
"I say sir, that is a smashingly lovely Geranium you have growing on your front lawn. Might I have permission to make a photographic rendering of said geranium from here on the pavement?"
LOL, did anyone ask the horse's opinion? Seriously though it's surprising how money can bring out the greed in people. Just because we exchange little bits of paper with printed patterns, that we created and called money, doesn't give us the automatic rights to think that we own "this rock, this field, this horse". Exploit would be a far better word. ;)
The horse is a living creature and has a perfect right to be anywhere in the field smiling, neighing, grazing, and generally enjoying itself. It also has a perfect right to photobomb someone's selfie. Why isn't it the horse who benefits some?
To top it all it possible that the horse has been moved purely to satisfy the 'owners' desire that nobody should benefit when they're not. But is the horse happier in it's new surroundings, or did it enjoy itself more photobombing the occasional walker?
I suppose some people view the world in terms of the joy and benefit a living creature has brought to others. While some seem to see it in terms of what they do and do not possess, (ultimate happiness may be included in the latter). ;);););)
Ridiculous and so greedy. I'd go on the trip and send them some postcards.
........Why isn't it the horse who benefits some?..........

There ya go! Offer to send THE HORSE on vacation!

Now, if given a choice, where would a horse go on vacation to? To watch the Kentucky Derby? A polo match? The American West (to run free with her wild cousins)?
Interestingly the horse forum I'm lurking on also generally viewed this in very poor taste as well. So it seems this is one horse owner who has lost all allies in this battle.

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