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Apr 22, 2013
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Richmond Hill Ga
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$Peterbilt22.jpgC&C please. Want to learn.
Overall, pretty good. Nitpics: some haloing, slight, and a very strong white line around the upper trailer area. Composition isn't too bad, but I would have probably preferred if you shot from lower to the ground.
I will try some different angles tomorrow. Thanks for the input.
That shot makes me miss driving. Then I remember New York in the winter.......

You clipped the front drivers side corner of your bumper, tire and drivers side stack. A step or two back would fix that. I'd like to see either more or less trailer. Not enough chicken lights, and maybe move your log book out of the windshield :)

Stay safe out there. Keep the bugs off your glass and the bears off your.... well, you know..
was hoping it was freaked out more....lots more.
Actually, the white halo is everywhere.

In addition to the other nitpicks, I'd rather see a 'real' trailer rather than a container. It will blend better with the tractor, I think.

Glad you avoided the grunge look.

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