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Jun 6, 2010
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What do you package your prints and CDs in when giving to a client? I order through WHCC and I know they have the option to package for you but I kinda wanted to order the supplies and do it my self.
strut mounts for prints, cellophane sleeve for proof CD, I don't supply printable files unless they are willing to part with serious cash, then its a jewel case with photo sleeve and text, "Sheila & Johns Wedding" H
I recently bought a Lightscribe burner, so now I can label my discs very nicely. I put the discs into leather bound disc cases.

If I'm including a stack of prints, I'll use print boxes. The pro lab that I use, sells a range of boxes from 'TAP', which are available at many labs.

For my last wedding, I tried something new. I had the photos printed at 4x6 and coil bound into a couple booklets...a proof book of sorts.

For larger prints, I use 'Photo Mailer' envelopes...hard cardboard envelopes that protect the prints pretty well.

I don't have branding on any of my packaging, but that is something that I will do some day. I know several photographers that have their branding (logo) on everything.

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