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Dec 20, 2005
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Alabama - just moved here from Texas
I won a daily catagory photo award for this portrait today! woohooo! It will only be up for the day, but I am still thrilled that I won. It is not the baby contest that I entered..I did not enter this one and actually, I retouched this photo from the last time I showed it to yall...
Here is the link to see it...hurry it is only up today LOL

I soooo love this shot, and am happy for you that it won the daily category photo award. Well done!!!
Hey! well done!! :D nice picci too! :thumbup:
Congrats! :thumbsup:
thats great Sara! and what a beautiful photograph :)
Hey, it's always nice to be recognized, and this is a beautiful portrait! Well deserved, so congrats! :)

It's a beautiful picture of a beautiful boy.
Well deserved! :love:
Very well deserved! Congrats!
btw...this new version of the portrait is just beautiful! You did a good job. :)
Congratulations, I love this portrait of one of your boys, it is too precious.
I know the feeling off just being delighted to be recognized though, today I learnt I won the scenic and nature category of this mini competition at school (Oh whoot, a whole 15 other people, oh well, I will take it anyways ;))

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