Photo Boxes

Oh and I should add that I have done a search online but there seems to be a huge min order. I wouldn't know what to do with 100 boxes in one size right now LOL I would much rather buy from a place someone else has been to before and can give a recommendation then to buy in the "dark"
anyone? maybe saying photo boxes isn't descriptive enough.

I am looking for either black or white boxes to place my orders in before giving the prints to my clients. Usually they are about 1" think. I much rather give them a box rather than an envelope with the photos.
Hands down the coolest packaging, and I think minimum is only 25.

This is who I use...

They have different collections to choose from!

I don't understand what that company is, even after reading all their pages. Do they MAKE brochures, etc for people? If so, how the heck do you order them??
If you go under "Collections" and click on each name, you'll find different packaging. I now order directly via email. If you want to order, my advice is to just email or call them.

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