Photo Challenge - "Heat/Warmth"


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Mar 9, 2003
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Hi all,

Time for our next challenge an the theme is "Heat/Warmth"!

All submissions must be received by Sunday, August 31st.
Send your photos to [email protected].
Please limit it to one submission per person.

Contact myself or any one of our moderators (mdowdey, manda or twistmyarm) if you have any questions!


Note: Unless you are extremely concerned about copyrights, please don't include your name on the photo. We'd like to keep it as anonymous as possible until voting is complete. Invisible watermarking through programs such as Photoshop would be great.
Hey since my macro post didn't make the cut, can i have it back and put it in this comp? It fits this theme too!

Just jokes
One entry coming up (i hope).
As some of you may have noticed the due date for Heat/Warmth submissions has been changed to the 31st.
Following this challenge we will start doing challenges on a monthly basis. We hope this will allow more people to participate in the challenges.
We also encourage anyone whose photos were not included in the voting portion of the challenges to post their work in the photo gallery. We’ve had to exclude some great work and I’m sure everyone would still love to see it.

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