Photo Challenge Voting Poll - Aug 10: Motion Blur

Which your favourite?

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August 2010 Entries here: Which is your favourite?

Note: As always, it is well worth looking all of the images at their full size, as the thumbnails really don't do some of them all that much justice.

You may notice that in the gallery some files appear larger then 150KB, but every photo included was less then 150KB when uploaded to the gallery.

To ensure that voting remains fair only active participating members of the forum may cast a vote. New members may not be able to vote right away in a challenge due to restrictions that have been put in place. If you cannot vote, but believe that you should be able to, feel free to send a pm to myself or another TPF staff member.

Please keep in mind that we are trying to keep this challenge anonymous (and unbiased) when it comes to both the submitting and the voting. Please avoid sharing your opinions about any specific photos until after the voting has completed and the winner is announced.

Please read the titles carefully in order to avoid confusion before voting. The photos may not be sorted in the correct order so to ensure you view them in proper order scroll to the bottom of the page and where it says "Display Options" ensure you select Sorted By: "Image Name" Sort Order: "Ascending" and then click on the "Show Images" button.

After viewing the photos please take the opportunity to vote for your favourite. Good luck to all. If there are any questions please let us know.

The mods/admins of may decide the winner from the top five submitted photos. The winner of the photo challenge will be contacted by Private Message (PM) on the day that the winner is announced. If the winner does not respond to the PM within 30 days they will not receive their prize and it will be put towards a future challenge. If we are unable to ship the intended prize to the winner do to his/her location we will provide another prize of equal value.

The polls will be open for the next fourteen days.

And here are the images:

Any word on the winner of this?
OK, after a short delay bought about by my PC being in a selection of assorted pieces whilst being rebuilt, here are the winning entries for the September '10 Photo Challenge

In first place (and very inquisitive) is Allen459 with "Book 'em":

In 2nd place, we have KileyF with 'Niagara Skywheel'

In third place, we have a 5-way tie for AnthonyL, Jeroen, namtot, roxxan23 and Tookie

Congratulations go to our winner, and a PM will be on its way very shortly to Allen459. Well done to everyone who took part and better luck next time for those who didn't mount the winners rostrum.

The Photo Challenge for October will be "Wildlife" - get your entries in now.

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