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    Bidding Dates: February 21 - March 2, 2005

    Steve McCurry, famed photojournalist, is donating the Nikon N90 and lens that he used to shoot during September 11, 2002 after he returned from a trip to Afghanistan to locate and shoot the Afghan girl, Sharbat Gula, first pictured on the cover of National Geographic Magazine, and later in publications around the world. Henry Diltz is donating the Nikon F camera that he used to photograph The Doors famous album cover, Morrison Hotel, in 1969.

    Mark Seliger, famed celebrity photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine and now for GQ and Vanity Fair is donating the Toyo Medium Format camera he used for the famous images of Kurt Cobain.

    Ron Haviv, photojournalist and former Newsweek shooter, is donating the Hasselblad XPan used to photograph President Bush during the 2004 Presidential campaign, the invasion of Iraq, and the uprising in Haiti.

    Jeff Dunas, celebrity photographer is donating his Twin lens reflex Rolleiflex with a 75mm/3.5 Tessar lens that has been used to photograph the likes of Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Nastassja Kinski, Laura Linney, Gillian Anderson, Jeff Bridges, Martin Sheen and dozens of other celebrities.

    Robert Clark, National Geographic and sports shooter is donating his 70-200mm Canon f 2.8 lens and a 1.4 converter used to photograph images of 9/11 that won first place in the World Press Photo Contest.


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