Photo composition at an early age

Mehhh... you missed the white balance in the first two!


Sorry, couldn't resist that! That is very cool that you have those images still, and even better that you have them "preserved" digitally. I think this goes a long way to support the point I often raise in the "rules of composition" discussions which is, they're not rules because someone decided they should be, they're "rules" (guidelines) because that is what the majority of people find to be visually appealing, whether they know it or not.
That is wonderful that you now have your earliest portraits! Sometimes, it's the smaller things in life that can mean a lot to a man. Nice post!
You did a great job !
Nice memories

Now, shall I pass my DSLR to my 20months old daughter or not? Would she have the same feelings when she is 48 years old ?

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