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    I've recently release v2.6 of my photo database software, DBGallery. I've been programmer and project manager for 20 years, doing fairly serious photography for 8 and didn't like the photo database systems out there. So wrote my own. Well...with a little help.

    Someone on another photo forum (Shutterpoint) recently asked "What is this photo database anyway". :) My informal, though hopefully informative, response was:

    Mainly it's a system that allows you to find photos within your collection. You can key data for photos then later search for them. Many software systems do this but I've never liked how any of them do it, the original reason I wrote the product. It also allows you to explore your collection by viewing a tree of cameras, year/months, exposure, and any other EXIF data. Your keyed data is also displayed to allow your to explore/browse your collection via what you've keyed (title subject, keywords, description).

    For stock photographers it has workflow support that allows you to set statuses for photos, key sales data, and get many great reports.

    You can also do non-agency reports, very easily send emails, and a bunch more.

    I'd suggest checking out the 12 minute getting started video here.

    Thanks for the inquiry. It's really a great system...everyone who uses DBGallery raves about it. Please feel free to ask me anything anytime if you have any more questions of need support for the installed product.

    Please check it out. I've love some feedback! I promise a free copy to those that try it and let me know what they find to be the biggest drawback and the capability they find most exciting.

    Glenn Rogers
    Designer of DBGallery: The Photo Database System Skype: travelster6611
    "DBGallery, the center of your photo software toolset."


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