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Jan 7, 2008
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Anyone suggest a freeware flash gallery creator that is easily customisable to fit into your website design?

I've used slideroll previously - but it's started to get buggy and crash a lot

I looked at jAlbum (i know - not flash :))- but it seems pretty hard to customize the css to my page style.

Thanks in advance

Lightroom does it...but I've never used it. If it's anything like the rest of Lightroom, it's awesome.
If you follow this link it talks about how to use picasaweb to upload pictures from a MAC. I don't know if it will work for what you want, but it is something to check out.
nah, i want to use my website - i just don't have the know-how or in-fact want to learn how to implement a php or ajax gallery - not the cash to buy software at the moment, but cheers.

i may have to end up redesigning my site again to make it more capatible with a photo gallery .
Do have you the ability to run PHP on your web site? I have a free download that you can upload to your site. It is a PHP-based gallery that you can customize fairly easily .
no, i got the cheap package from the hosting company - no php/mysql etc

thanks, though i'll keep you offer in mind cheers :)
actually, i just checked - what i just said seems to be b*llocks :D

it does support php - could i take you up on that php gallery smcaskil?

cheers again
Here is the link for the software I have used before.

You can also go here and find other PHP-based programs to download that you just upload to your web site and it will let you do all sorts of things with your images. The site tells you which ones are free.

You might want to look at this one as well.

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