Photo list for Quincinera (15th b-day) or just your ideas?

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by 15thbdayphotographer, May 26, 2007.

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    This is my first photo gig and I would like a list of what photos are generally taken for this type of gig. I have seen one for weddings but I cant find one for quincineras(15th b-day parties). We are going to be in limos, at the church, eating dinner, etc.... can someone provide me with a general list if you know of one or can you simply give me your ideas? Thank you


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    welcome to the forum. :)

    uhm, i actually never heard of this sort of event and until 5 seconds ago was totally ignorant of its existence ;)

    maybe someone else can help?
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    I do Quincineras and I don't have a list but generally this is what I take:

    Débutante (solo)
    Débutante with escort
    Débutante with court of honor (girls only/boys only/girls and boys)
    Débutante with little prince and princess (if any)
    Débutante with parents
    Débutante with siblings
    Débutante with parent and siblings
    Débutante with sponsors
    Débutante with grandparents
    Blessing of gifts (at church)
    Débutante presenting flowers to Virgin Mary
    Oh and don't forget to take pictures of the Débutante and the court of honor with the limo.

    At the party:
    Parade of Court of Honor and the Débutante with parents or escort (depends on how they do it)
    Presentation of gifts to debutante.
    The formal dance
    Débutante and Father dance
    Cake Cutting
    Money Train Dance

    Don't forget to take pictures of relatives, sponsors and guests at party. Take pictures of débutante dancing too.

    Basically it's the same as wedding but without the groom, I think.

    Hope that helps.

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