Photo Overlord!!!



oh yeah sorry...

my real name is matt. but most people call me Punk-Ass. im 23, live in Columbia South Carolina. Im tall, have brown hair, green eyes, and I wear a size eleven shoe. My hobbies include biker chicks, family reunions, and blugrass festivals.

im sorry, none of that is true. I love taking pictures, playing music, and being hopelessly romantic.

(oh yeah, and i dig manda) ever since seeing the first endless summer, those aussie chicks got it going on!!

Huh! I didn't believe that you only wore one shoe anyway!
You sound like you're having fun though...another example of youth being wasted on the young!

*wondering if anybody notices i used to be a biker chick* :roll:
Dew, an "ex-biker chick"!?!? :shock:
Never would have guessed! Can't see any tattoo's, piercings or scars in your picture though :)

M = ????? Miguel? Mustaffa?
man, you guys rule! the "m" stands for bad "Mutha".

in all seriousness, my name is matthew. it means gift from god. my last name, of course is Dowdey, which means goat wrangler or something...

manda, the m stands for MAD about not seeing a full face picture of you.:)


hey! grrr
and i have shots of you, so just watch yourself missy!
i'll post mine in the self portrait thread if orie does
lol its weird, i havent called you that for ages

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