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    One problem I encountered and many others have too is that this site has no sticky or FAQ on posting guidlines for photos (if there is one its hidden a little too well ;)). Now this site has lax restrictions on posting size - a general request to stay below 1000 pixels on the longest side and I must say I like that as it is simple to show photos on, but newer members don't know this and it is one of the first things that many (especially those who are not beginners) look for.
    Would it be possible to get such a sticky posted up somewhere ( personally I would post it in each of the gallery subesctions for convenience) and if it is would it also be possible to take the following into account:
    a chance to request (not demand) people to post a little more than just a photo up


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    This thread has been posted in the Beginner's Forum as well as the Welcome & Introductions forum for over a year!

    Pay attention! :lol: sheesh!

    Now you understand why stickies ultimately have limited use. ;)

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