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Jun 13, 2006
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I shot a wedding a few weeks ago and during the reception one of the managers asked if I could send her some of the shots afterwords. She said that it was the first wedding reception they have held in the restaurant and she might want to use my shots to advertise.

This is really the first time I've been asked for pictures where I might need to decide a $$$ to charge for them. Any recommendations? I'd imagine the images would be used in brochures / fliers that the restaurant would distribute. It's a fairly upscale restaurant as well though not a chain if that matters.

Any ideas?
I would try to find out exactly where they want to use your images. If they are going to be printing a ton of your image, you can charge more. If it's just a one time thing, or something displayed in their restaurant, I'd charge less. If they are printing a ton of images, you could sell them an unlimited copyright for your image. Some people sell these things for a couple hundred, some for a thousand...depends on what you feel you can get them to pay really.
What ever you decide on, I would recommend that you dont give them unlimited rights to your images. Let them decide what images they might wanna use, and then ask them what they will be using it for. Then you make a proposal based on the usage they have specified. Don't forget to get releases from the wedded couple or whoever is in the images they want to use.
Don't rule out the opportunity to get more work from the deal, or being lead to believe this for a break in price or a freebie situation. Like others said get specific usage details, then make your decision. Just keep a cool head no matter.

Just a side note. Make sure your clients agree to you sending images from their wedding to the manager since they likely do not fall underneath your contract.

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