Photo rights: How to sell physical photos and/or digital rights.


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Feb 13, 2012
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How do you release your work? I have been asked to do some live events and they want to sell some of the photos I took as pictures for the athletes to autograph. That means they will print a lot of copies to sell multiple copies of the same photo. I'm not sure how to do that. should I charge a super high amount for the rights to the photos as a one time charge or just get them printed myself and sell them the hard copies of the photos. Also if I print them myself how would I prevent them from just scanning the photo and coping them that way.
If I were doing this, I would sell a digital image, rights-released specifying exactly what they are allowed to do (eg: Print up to X copies, in size(s) up to ____ ). Releasing rights this broad is something that I would charge a premium for. As far as price, that's up to you. What does your business plan and CODB calculation say you should charge?

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