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May 9, 2005
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Hey, just have a few questions. Okay, let's start off by saying money is no problem at all here. If I wanted to blow up a normal 4x6 or 5x7 photograph to let's say, 8.5x11, without being grainy or any other changes in quality form the original, what Photo scanner/printer would you suggest. Replys are greatly appreciated. Thanks:D
It's not really possible to do this well with a flatbed scanner scanning a print as you are trying to add information which isn't there.

Consider a negative scanner for this job. I'd recommend any of the Epson photo printers.

The Epson 16xx (insert two numbers there) series flatbed scanners produce surprisingly good results when used with the optional transparency cover for scannning negatives. Nikon makes the best consumer grade negative scanners.
Yep. Negative scanners will only scan negatives or color positives (slides), not prints.
lol I thought money was no problem ;) . Anyway, cost really depends on whether you need to scan medium format, or just 35mm. They range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on their capabilities. If you need to scan MF film but don't have the cash for a film scanner that can handle it, your best bet is to buy the nicest Epson flatbed you can afford that has film scanning abilities (i.e. a transparency lid and 35mm and 120 film holders).
Money is no problem:D , just wanted to get an idea. Okay, so I'll look for a really good Epson, then I'll try to find a negative scanner as well. Thanks for all of your help.:thumbup:
Sure, no problem. The Nikon Super Coolscan and Minolta Dimage series are the best negative scanners. Steer clear of Polaroid.

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