Photobook Quality Paper?


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Feb 15, 2006
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What type of paper is used in a photobook? Where can I get this type of paper?
I have tried Semigloss, premium luster, and gloss yet none are what Im looking for. I assume this paper is hard t find and probably expensive but I am in the process of making a photobook and need it bad. Iam also looking for a gloss paper which I can use for the cover, something thicker than your typical gloss, any ideas on this would be helpful. I am thinking for the cover worst case I could adhere a gloss paper to a thick backing to make a stronger cover. After I finish Iwill gladly sot the steps to making your own photobook at home. I have been looking online at photobook companies, but the idea of having to use a template does not attract me, Iwant 100% control over the dimensions and layout. If anyone knows a company that allows this much control and does not charge an armand a leg I would be interested.

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