photobucket or ps ?


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May 1, 2005
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evening all,

I have posted a couple of shots today. Thing is I am sick of the size. The original is sized as 12 x 8 in PS CS2. but here it shows this small.


This has only started recently. Any ideas ? Is it me in PS or is it photobucket ?

This is the re-post (no other PS done except the border)
Try changing the image size boxes to 'pixels' and put 700 in the width box..... the hight will automatically adjust to match. Then upload to photobucket and try that. ;)
no prob..... i either go for 600w or 700w depending on the image...... obviously if its portrait you just do the same for hight :)
I use photobucket and PS2. After adjusting in PS2 and saving for web, I use the Windows xp power toy of picture resizer to make my file size smaller and reduce the picture to 800 x 600 for uploading. It keeps things simple for me because I don't have to worry about size and resolution in PS2 and after using the power toy resizer I know what I will have when I upload it to photobucket. Here is a sample:


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