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Jul 10, 2014
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Do people here use photocrowd, I entered an image to check it out and I was all set to rate other pictures but you are not able, or at least I haven't figured out how, to zoom in on images so the system is a bit fickle.
Never heard of it so no, I'm not a user.
Never heard of it so no, I'm not a user.

they run competitions and you can also enter the manufacturer and other International’s comps through it.
Never heard of it until now. What is it, exactly?
Be careful with many of these sites and contests, they are simply a rights grab and you should always read the fine print before you make any submissions. If it states that they are granted free, perpetual use and rights to use the images as they see fit, it is a rights grab and the main purpose for these sits is to build a portfolio of free images that they can use to promote their business or even sell. Be careful. Suspicious since noone here seems to have heard about this one before now.
Never heard of it until now. What is it, exactly?

Waiting for the original poster to actually explain his post. a hot link is no substitute for a simple explanation of what it is. But thank you for providing the hot link

I only just stumbled onto it as I said searching for an actual comp I wanted to enter. It seems like flicker in the sense that people have albums and there looks to be a “ marketplace” , 500px springs to mind, but I’ve not explored that. Plus they run competitions themselves for any and all themes that members canvote on. There is supposedly feedback from professional judges I don’t know yet.

You can subscribe $ or be a free member. From just a cursory look subscribers can initiate there own competition and theme. all can enter any comp but you pay 2pounds Sterling per entry so there’s the rub, no idea if subscribes pay this also.

There platform also allows you to enter more well known comps such as the sigma poty and so on. I just chanced one image and like I said I had sat down thumb ready, gladiator style, to rate images but i couldn't really examine the images like I’d want to so the whole thing seemed pointless.

To cover the waring from one poster about them lifting your images I looked through there comp T&S b4 hand and they do say that no images will be used sold etc without owner permission and that the user retains ownership of images. There UK based, which is why there not big in US I’d say, so there subject to all of Europe’s GDPR (data) regs, until brexit day at least which is 31 Dec 2020.
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Its an old post, but i have old experience with Photo Crowd.

Its honestly a money making scheme that is bent upon making money from people desperate to have attention.

The website was setup in a way that EVERY IMAGE uploaded was per the terms of use, allowed for them to use for any purpose they wanted. However they claimed that ownership of the images stayed with the person who uploaded them, despite the fact the photocrowd people could make money off of them.

The payment scheme is a joke, all members get 1 free photo submission to each contest. Each subsequent photo submission for that contest costs 2 pounds each. And sadly you cannot get enough points to maintain a RANKING unless you submit multiple photos.

each photo submitted get a specific point value given to you, then each photo gets an extra point value based upon how it is ranked when the contest ends, and then if you have any SINGLE image submission get ranked over a certain spot by number of photo entries for that contest, each submitted image gets a point value boost applied to it.

Having any photo end up in the final 10 judged photos, and top 20 crowd rated photos gives each photo submitted to the contest even more points and so on. However the system is flawed as a paid membership with a single photo submission to a contest who only ends up in the 50% of the crowd vote, can end up with more points then an unpaid membership who WINS the contest and has multiple photo submissions to it.

And if you are a paying member, the photo point values are HIGHER depending upon each level of paid membership. And the point values go up even further for paid members if the contest was created by a paid member and even depending upon the judging style for the contest.

Ultimately, an PAID MEMBERSHIP cannot be ranked below the highest number of people with that membership level. Meaning if "bronze" membership level is ranking 3,000 to 5,000. You can never be ranked lower then 5,000

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