Photogauvre anyone?

Bobby Ironsights

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Dec 3, 2006
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Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
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Does anyone here do photogauvre?

It's very beautiful, and something I'd like to do someday when resources permit, and I have a suitable collection of large format negatives to deserve investing in the process.

For those who aren't familiar, it basically consists of making a sandwich of a large format negative, a type of gelatin film resist, and a polished plate of copper.

You expose the sandwich, which makes some places of the gelatin resist thick and some thinner, then dip the tissue/copper sheet combination into an corrosive chemical bath to etch the copper sheet.

You are left with an image etched into a sheet of copper, then you coat it with ink, lay a sheet of dampened art paper over it, a couple of wool blankets and feed it through a press and peel off the resulting print.

COOL HUH! Plus, it's inherently EXTREMELY archival, as intaglio inks are very stable, and copper sheets made over a hundred years ago are still making excellent prints today.

Definatly should try that too!
Oh, for time on my hands and money to support my habit!

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