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Sep 18, 2009
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Hello guys,

I have been reading a lot about photography lately and now I'm getting interested in books that cover photography analysis and criticism. I've read Krauss and Barthes, but I have not found any books in the digital era. Can anyone recommend me as much as there are?

Thank you guys!
Not sure of any digital books but if there are any I am sure that they would critize your spelling of Photograpgy. :D
Not sure of any digital books but if there are any I am sure that they would critize your spelling of Photograpgy. :D

Oops, Typo. But I was not only talking about digital books, I was talking about digital photography. Anyway thanks!
There's not all that much to write about for digital in particular. I can't say I can think of any books that are specifically geared toward digital photography I've seen that seem especially high quality.

It's just like film, except:
1) Instead of 35mm vs. medium format vs. large, extrapolate those same relationships to 35mm vs. crop format versus 4/3 sensors.
2) Obviously you don't have to develop the film. Instead you use nothing, or lightroom, photoshop, etc., which have their own books and tutorials and resources.
3) There are options available that film doesn't have, but usually they're just shortcuts to things that you could do in film but more slowly or inconveniently (like change ISO, or auto features of things that were manual).
4) Obviously the literal equipment brands and models are different, and just like any other specific equipment, you have to read instructions or look up reviews/info about those individually.
5) ?

Meh. Huge difference in convenience. Not a huge difference in theory and concepts.
There's probably a lot that can be said about modes of working and artistic process, with digital cameras and related technology. Process is everything, in modern art. Digital's sheer speed and convenience have altered the public's attitude about photography profoundly, which feeds back into photography-as-art in a couple of ways.

While the technical details of how we make pictures are only modestly different, digital has had a huge effect on the gestalt photographic art plugs in to.
Agree with amoliter.

I don't know of any books specifically focused on digital photography, but there are a few that focus on digital media theory.

I did a quick google and this came up:

Digital Media Revisited | The MIT Press

Amazon brought up a few related titles ...

Art of the Digital Age: Bruce Wands: 9780500286296: Books Art and Electronic Media (Themes & Movements) (9780714847825): Edward A. Shanken: Books

New Media Art (25): Reena Jana, Mark Tribe: 9783836514132: Books

The MIT book looks good. May have to pick that up ... keep us updated if you find something good.
Went back through MIT's bookstore and they have a nice selection: Art & New Media | The MIT Press

There's a book on the 2nd page "Imagery in the 21st Century." Not specifically focused on photography, but digital imagery.

Okay, back to the bookstore.
I typed "digital photography" into the search box on Amazon, and got this: digital photography

I have a lot of photography books, but the only one specifically mentioned as "digital" is the one by Tony Northrup that was recommended by someone here on the forum not long ago. I got the eBook (Kindle) version on my tablet and have been reading parts of it from time to time while sitting in waiting rooms and so forth. I've enjoyed it so far, and the eBook includes links to videos and free updates when the author has something new to add or changes something. It's here: Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography (9780988263406): Tony Northrup, Chelsea Knowles: Books

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