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May 19, 2006
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Hi folks,
I am very excited and honored to be nominated for Popular Photography Magazine's "Photographer of the year 2006". You can see my images at (I am photographer #7)

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Please vote for the photographer you think is best...

Wish me luck,

look at image 4 of photographer 4... WTF are u kidding me im not impressed with most of those shots

good luck though ill vote for U!
I voted also for #5... err... #7. :lol: :lol:

Beautiful shot!
I voted for you too; got to agree with tekzero about that wakeboard shot, I have seen and taken better
Yours is good. 4, 5 and 6 are also good. 1 looks like one of those sample photos you'd find in a 'how to take a photograph'-type book.
Thanks guys for the support. You really pumped me up. I'll keep you updated

Cheers, Paul
Congrats on getting nominated to the top 10! Popular Photography is big. There is a lot of strong work. Keep us posted of the results.

I did not vote. Only because I am not a fan of the magazine.
Wish I could vote, but it seems my nationality isn't really helping here. I don't have a zip code, to put it that way.

I would have voted for you, paulkline, cause you had the best photos on there. They were all stunning.
I made the final three, and I just wanted to thank everyone for your support. :D

Wish me luck,


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